Terms & prices

Terms & conditions

1. The preliminary price quote for the translation is free of charge, based on the source (original) text provided by the client.

2. The settlement unit is a translation page consisting of 1800 characters including spaces of the target (translated) text. Translations which do not exceed 1800 characters are priced as one full translation page.


– translation into English 40 PLN / page
– translation into Polish 30 PLN / page
– transcription of audio-video recordings in English 20 PLN / page
– translation of audio-video recordings from English to Polish 50 PLN / page
– translation of audio-video recordings from Polish to English 50 PLN / page
– text verification/proof-reading 50% of base price
– website design determined individually

The specified prices are net prices, 23% VAT to be added.
A VAT invoice is issued for the provided service.

4. Translation modes:
– regular: up to 4 pages (units) a day
– express: above 5 pages (units) a day. When translating in express mode the fee is increased by 50%.

5. The order completion time shall run from the next day after officially placing the order, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The completion date is always specified prior to accepting the order.